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Considering trading planters? Don’t miss the completely customizable options available through Harvest International. Reynolds Ag Solutions is proud to serve as a dealer for Harvest International – let us help you build the planter of your dreams today!

The UltraPlant: Customizable planter

The UltraPlant utilizes Harvest International’s standard dual bar design along with the completely adjustable front running/back running wheels. Developed to accommodate the widest variety of row spacings and attachments, this allows you total freedom to outfit a completely clean bar with the setup that is right for you. Designed to integrate seamlessly with all Precision Planting applications, the UltraPlant is the ultimate in versatility.
This planter has been engineered to endure the roughest of conditions. When equipped with the LaserPro 1 row unit, this planter can handle the highest recommended planting speeds on a wide variety of terrain and diverse field conditions. With the ability to accommodate twin row, 15 inch rows and six tons of on board storage, the UltraPlant will stop at nothing to get the job done.

The LaserPro 1 Row Unit

Laser cut high tensile steel offers a maximum durability row unit for streamlined high speed planting. Designed with innovative and time saving features ideal for precision farming, when it comes to durability, accuracy and serviceability, the LaserPro 1 is unrivaled in a class all by itself.

Features include:

  • Laser Cut High Tensile Steel
  • QuickRelease Closing Wheel Mount (remove & replace closing wheels in seconds)
  • Standard DeltaForce-Ready Brackets
  • Tapered Non-Metallic Busing Adjustment (self-lubricating and adjusts in seconds)
  • Lateral Closing Wheel Adjustment (quickly adjust to keep closing wheels centered)
  • Integrated Camber Adjustment (adjust gauge wheel angel to easily maintain accuracy)
  • Powder Coat Plus (maximum durability finish)
  • Double Row Ball Bearing Disc Opener
  • Lateral Gauge Wheel Adjustment
  • Standard SAE Service Bolts
  • Tungsten Carbide Scrapers (offering extended wear over industry standard)
  • Industrial Chrome Seed Tube Protector (Exapta ‘frog’ with built in fertilizer tube passage)