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AgroLiquid’s commitment to promoting and prospering the agriculture industry spans three generations, four countries, and all fifty of the United States.

AgroLiquid manufactures plant nutrition products and provides exceptional service to crop operations, both large and small, across the U.S. and the world.


Liquid Fertilizer for Corn

Boost germination rates, increase yield, improve ROI.

When it comes to the profitability of corn crops, the key is balancing yield against expenses. If your fertilizer doesn’t produce more corn or decrease your expenses, it isn’t helping your business.

Corn growers face a number of challenges, and sometimes margins can be thin. AgroLiquid's fertilizer for corn consistently and reliably improves corn yields year over year, giving plants a combination of nutrients that promote higher germination rates, more consistent growth, ultimately giving you more bushels per acre.

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Get More For Your Fertilizer Dollar

Most corn fertilizers in use today are remarkably inefficient, which is why they require such large amounts to work. Phosphorus, nitrogen and potassium can become tied up in the soil, becoming unusable to plants. Pro-Germinator liquid fertilizer for corn is designed to solve this problem. The combination of orthophosphates and polyphosphates in the starter fertilizer for corn breaks down slowly at the root base, providing consistent nutrition to support germination and early growth. It is this technology that allows AgroLiquid corn farmers to produce more corn with less fertilizer.

Liquid Fertilizer for Corn Growth Study

AgroLiquid performed a 6 year study to analyze the effects of thier starter fertilizer for corn, nitrogen for corn, and other macro- and micronutrient programs. The results were clear: AgroLiquid fertilizer increases corn yield.
⦁ An average of 5 bu/A more compared to conventional fertilizer
⦁ Nearly double the plant-usable phosphorus in soil samples
⦁ $46.45 higher net return using $3.50/bu price and local retail fertilizer prices

The Best Fertilizer for Soybeans

Plant sooner, increase yield, avoid leaf burn.

Liquid Soybean Fertilizer: Growth Study

Careful study and experimentation helped AgroLiquid develop the best fertilizer program for soybeans. By finding the right macro and micronutrient combinations AgroLiquid gives crops the power to reach their full growth potential.
⦁ 7 bu/A yield increase using LiberateCa via foliar application
⦁ 5 bu/A yield increase using Sure-K and Micro500

Though soybean crops can be affected by many variables in the weather, climate, and soil, AgroLiquid uses repeated, consistent testing to perfect thier fertilizer for soybeans. They have tested rotating and permanent soybean crops in real conditions at their 1,000-acre research farm to ensure their formula works.

Increasing Yield With The Right Nutrients

Soybeans can be affected by many factors that farmers do not have control over. However, there are many things you can control. Soil quality and soybean nutrient uptake can both be improved with the right soybean fertilizer program. The best fertilizer for soybeans improves soil quality and nutrients, simultaneously improving yield.

The right nutrient combinations can even correct the negative effects of overly dry or sandy soil. A soybean plant can lose up to 70% of its pods due to stresses like heat, moisture, wind and cold. The plant sheds pods it does not have the energy to bring to maturity. Foliar feeding sends a message to the plant that it is healthy and has the resources to retain more flowers and pods – and that means an increase in yields and profitability!

AgroLiquid Soybean Fertilizer Reduces Leaf Burn

AgroLiquid's high efficiency fertilizers give you application options, from being able to plant soybeans and apply nutrients in one pass, to foliar applications that can be mixed and applied with postemergence pesticides, AgroLiquid products have a low risk of crop injury.