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Considering trading planters? Don’t miss the completely customizable options available through Harvest International. Reynolds Ag Solutions is proud to serve as a dealer for Harvest International – let us help you build the planter of your dreams today!

Wildly robust and boasting tremendous adaptability. the LaserPro1 is designed to integrate with the latest Precision farming technology.


  • Laser-cut, high tensile steel construction
  • QuickReleaseclosing wheel mount
  • Hydraulic Down Force-Ready X-Plate
  • Parallel link arms w/ tapered, high-strength polymer bushings
  • Lateral closing wheel adjustment
  • Built-in camber adjustment to easily adjust gauge wheel angle to stay true against disc openers
  • Greaseless lateral adjust on gauge wheel arm
  • Keeton Seed Firmerbracket factory installed (as of May 2018)
  • NEW! Harvest International Furrow Spike Closing Wheels
  • Mini Hopper Support, Seed Box & Seed Box Support Options (1.6bu, 1.9bu, 3bu)
  • Ag Leader SureForceSupport Kits
  • Row Lockups for Interplant
  • vApplyHD Mount Brackets
  • Precision Push Button Brackets
  • Insecticide T-Bander
  • vDriveInsecticide Kit
Harvest International Ag Machine
Engineered to facilitate nearly any desired row spacing, the UltraPlant offers plug & play configurability and can adapt to your changing needs. 
Harvest International - Ag products
  • Highly customizable row spacing: 15”, 20”, 22”, 30”, twin row, etc.
  • Internal vacuum port significantly minimizes external hoses & tubes.
  • External steel hydraulic tubes are easier to service & increase oil cooling.
  • 10'8" - 13'8" narrow front-fold transport.
  • Front running or rear running tire configurations
  • Series2 models feature innovative CommandLift independent control hydraulic system.
  • Central Seed Delivery w/ approx 50bu per tank
  • Row Markers
  • Many onboard storage capabilities for liquid fertilizer application
  • 16.5”-25” tracks available for PB40' & PB60' Series models
  • 500/45-22.5 Center Tire upgrade for some PB40' & PB60' Series models
  • Hydraulic wing weight transfer system for Series 2 models only
Harvest International Ag MAchine

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